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Google Street View Car

WhereIsTheGoogleCar uses a self-hosted instance of Plausible, and Vercel Speed Insights to understand how users interact with our site and to improve the user experience.

Plausible is designed with privacy in mind, as it does not collect any sort of personal information, storing cookies, or sharing data with third-parties or advertising companies. Plausible (nor we) engage in data mining or harvesting, nor do we monetize any information collected. We gather anonymous usage data solely for statistical purposes, ensuring that individual visitors remain untracked. The aggregated data that we can see, includes referral sources, top pages, visit duration, and device information.

For more information regarding Plausible, please see their Privacy and Compliance page.

Vercel Speed Insights is also used to monitor the performance of the site. This data is also anonymous and does not collect any personal information. For more information, please see their Privacy and Compliance page.

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