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Instead, we are the largest public database of Street View Sightings! Our contributions are made by enthusiasts who love Google Street View. Since 2020, we have been monitoring Google Street View Vehicle Spottings that are being identified and shared online, and our documentation extends back to 2007. We also document sightings of other Street View services, such as Apple Maps.

All contributions are done by the VirtualStreets community, and we are not affiliated with Google (nor any other mapping company) in any way.

All pictures are owned by their respective authors. If you are the owner of a picture in this site and would like it removed, please contact us.

This site is developed and maintained by shmugo. Although I'm doing this more for fun than money, and I don't ever plan on profiting off other people's contributions, I would appreciate it if you could help me cover the costs of running this site! You can do so by donating to my Ko-fi.


Where do you get your data?

Data is obtained from VirtualStreets volunteers who submit their sightings.

When will Google (or Apple) drive by my location?

We do not know if Google (or any other Street View service) will drive to a specified location.

Please refer to the following Street View providers' official schedules for more information:

You can also read our articles here for any official confirmation (from a government entity or from the service) that isn't displayed on the Street View providers' site.

I just saw a Street View car (or have an old picture), how do I submit it?

Submit your sighting in our site with the date, image, and location (if possible) to submit your spotting. Our contributors will review your submission and add it to our database.

Are you affiliated with the previous whereisthegooglecar.com?

No. We just happened to take the domain.

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