Where is the Google Car?

A social experiment tracking the Google car

I just saw the google street view car!

Ok! Calm down, tell us where and attach a photo please.

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  1. Shea’s lane, Torbay NL Canada

  2. Shea’s lane, Torbay NL

  3. I was sitting on my front porch, eating my breakfast, in West Scranton when I spotted the car.

  4. Angela Zitzner Karwoski

    August 15, 2019 PDT at 7:19 PM

    La Crosse, WI

  5. Rocky river road intersection with brookwood road in Charlotte, NC

  6. Few days ago. 6100 Mission Gorge Rd. in Allied Gardens which is in San Diego, CA 92120. If I wasn’t working, I would of followed him and called the police. Speeding and weaving in and out of traffic! Look asshole! This is not a freeway! You could of killed those pedestrians walking out of the restaurants. You can’t hide behind Google. Just because they have money, doesn’t mean they are above the law.
    Ok! Calm down, tell us where and attach a photo please. = Google Management.
    You need to step down, Google management. HOW DARE YOU TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! Its clear to all San Diego drivers that your street view drivers have no respect and no care for others on the road. It doesn’t surprise me.

  7. Concord, New Hampshire, USA. Heading north on South State Street I just saw it.

  8. Mátrai Road, near Mátra Museum, Gyöngyös, Heves county, Hungary

  9. US 77 north of Harlingen, Tx, it’s going way faster than we are going. I can’t get a picture.

  10. Manitowoc, Wisconsin

  11. Sunnyvale California

  12. Split, Croatia

  13. I see it in Koper, Slovenia, EU

  14. Green Bay, WI

  15. At a tram crossing near the Ballpark station in SLC Utah. Didn’t get a pic as I was moving too fast and didn’t have a way to get a pic but I think it was a Santa Fe

  16. At the RaceTrac gas station I work at ok LPGA Blvd

  17. Gisborne, New Zealand

  18. Waycross, GA on 7/25 around 6:45 PM. Driving, so no image.

  19. Fort Howard, MD

  20. Gliwice poland

  21. Germany , Schmalkalden , it just drove past me

  22. Just drove by me in pizza hut parking lot in Harrisonburg Virginia

  23. Parking lot by pizza hut in Harrisonburg Virginia

  24. Northbound on Oak & West 6th
    Port Angeles, Washington

  25. Swievelands Road
    Biggin Hill

  26. Bellefonte, AR

  27. Colonial Heights, VA

  28. Decatur Illinois

  29. Lowestoft England

  30. Troutdale, Oregon!

  31. Northampton, Pennsylvania

  32. League City TX

  33. Grandville MI USA

  34. In downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin (On 6th Ave between 54th St and 57th St) on 78/2019 at about 6:00PM Central Time. I was driving so I was unable to get a picture. But my car will probably show up on the latest street views. 🙂

  35. Kamloops BC Canada

  36. Bucharest, Romania

  37. https://www.facebook.com/pg/streetcatview

    July 3, 2019 PDT at 11:39 PM

    Does the shadow of the google street view back-pack count? Spotted in Aoshima, Japan, on Google street-view

  38. Parkville, VIC, Australia


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