This is a reply to Kristine’s Jan 5 post:

I found the exact frame where the google car was and it’s picture of your car when you took this photo on I-17 (just west of the cooper river) at the East Bay Street exit to Morrison Drive. It would be cool if you framed a picture of your shot in the middle, surrounded by different angle pictures from the Google car taken at the exact same moment or maybe a collection of shots as you are passing the Google car. If you zoom in at your car in some of the frames it looks like you are holding your cell phone in front of the steering wheel. By the way, is that a 2013 Nissan Altima you’re driving?
Also, in the first frame after you passed the Google car you can almost make out the license plate number on your car. I’m reminded of those CSI shows where they zoom in on an image with special software. You know that’s always faked on TV, but it would be interesting to see if image enhancement shows any more detail on the license plate.

Anyway, good job catching the Google car, I’ve never been so lucky!

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